About Us

Our Culture

Serve Clients with the Highest Quality of Care

Our first responsibility is to serve children and adults with the highest quality of care in each contact we have with them.  That is, those individuals and families in acute crisis, in need of psychological first aid, or who have experienced single incident or multiple traumas.  Our use of best practice including, but not exclusive to, Attachment Based Relationship Therapy™  and other methods that demonstrate best practice must be our guiding philosophy.

Service to Those Who Serve Others

Our second responsibility is to those who serve others who are struggling with life’s difficulties, pastors, lawyers, adoption agencies, residential facilities and friends of those in need.  We will serve as a resource to these first responders and be a resource network as appropriate.

Serve Those Who Work With Us

Our third responsibility is to serve those who work with us.  Our culture must be one of caring and concern for one another, and the work, financial, and personal concerns for each family.  We will seek the staff of highest character, with each individual considered on their own merit. Our belief is that character frees the highest levels of achievement.

Serve Our Community

Our fourth responsibility is to the community at large.  We must as a corporation be a good citizen. As much as possible, we will involve ourselves in activities that promote civic improvement. As a citizen of the therapeutic counseling community our values create our vision, our culture, our mission and our guiding principles. 

Our Core Values

  • Love
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Wisdom and intentional relating
  • Respect for self and others
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Passion for serving others


To reflect the love of Jesus Christ in contacts with consumers, first responders (those who have contact with people needing referral), staff and community relationships.  To passionately help individuals, couples and families through acute, single incident and complex trauma with best practice.  To give vision, perspective, knowledge and help children and adults behave their beliefs.  To respect each person we serve with integrity.


Centers for Hope & Wellness, Inc., exist as a culture of spiritually supportive staff and professionally credentialed therapists whose commitment is to serve people of all ages, stages and backgrounds seeking to improve their lives.

Guiding Principles

  • God is the author of all relationships.
  • The principles of scripture guide our work, our decisions, and our actions.
  • Being created in God’s image gives us the responsibility to provide intentional love based relationships wisely. 
  • We bring empathy and compassion to those with emotional concerns.
  • We respect others perspective and bring hope through perspective.