Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy often involves help with communication and learning to problem solve in an intimate relationship. Couples come together and remain connected in predictable ways and become insecure and disconnect in predictable ways. The goal of our short term marital work is to help couples identify strengths and weaknesses of their partnership and create their own solutions for the future of their lives.

Using the initial interview with the therapist the couple is provided feedback and direction for treatment. During treatment gender differences are often understood in terms of how to process emotions as a couple. Couples are guided in how to keep perspective about differences and maintain that perspective even in conflict. Couples learn how to problem solve as well as explore a sense of timing about resolving conflict in their relationship. Emphasized over the course of treatment are the following:

  • Friendship
  • Creating mutual influence
  • Developing respect
  • Developing trust
  • Interpreting moment to moment difficulties
  • Learning to move past reactions in difficulties
  • Learning to problem solve
  • Share and create couple dreams

Power struggles often develop around issues such as sexual relating and spending money. These are symptoms of issues that need to be resolved. As couples learn to communicate their needs, identify and express their fears, and provide love based relationship, most couples are able to move beyond conflict toward connection.

Sometimes for a variety of reasons only one spouse of the partnership attends therapy. Help can be provided to coach that individual about their marriage (see Marriage Coaching). Coaching helps the individual discover what the individual can create in influence, to reduce power struggles and enhance relating within the marriage.