Marriage Coaching

The process of coaching an individual about his/her marriage involves a mutual understanding between the client and coach.  The coach provides understanding of concerns and conflicts as well as strengths and supports the client has in his/her life.  The individual being coached will identify core issues in healthy and unhealthy relating.  Issues will be explored to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.  The individual client will learn strategies to deal with differences.  Utilizing their strengths and supports he/she will understand how to maintain a sense of self respect while dealing with the relationship.  Coaching involves the client and therapist working together to understand how the relationship formed and what supports the individual has to maintain their relationship. 

While it is easy to criticize the difficulties within a marital relationship, an emphasis is placed on what can be done to enhance that relationship.  An emphasis in marriage coaching is placed on the following:

  • Expressing concerns rather than criticism
  • Learning to soften an approach to a discussion
  • Being mindful of needs today rather than wounds from yesterday or fears about tomorrow
  • Acting in support of the love you are trying to create
  • Keeping perspective in the face of your partners difficult emotions
  • Using healthy outside friendships to support needs for connection

This short term approach can help maintain a relationship even as an individual.

Appointments can be scheduled in the office, when possible.  Phone sessions can be arranged or scheduled periodically.  To schedule a marriage coaching session contact us either through our website or by calling 317-272-8138.