Individual Coaching

Personal coaching involves a process of discussions and decision making with your coach to assist in life improvement, personal career direction, and personal performance.  This process helps with individual motivation.  This is a short term process that allows clients to clarify values, create a vision and goals, and results in thought transformations to help the individual reach those goals.  Some discussion may center around how the individual sabotages their own success and how to overcome fears.   

Both coach and client help establish goals, sub goals, and tasks that are identified to socially support the individual.  The client’s model for success will be clarified and progress assessed periodically as the individual is moving toward their goals.     

The process of coaching is not to deal with illness or pathology, rather the goal is to focus on wellness to achieve one’s personal goals.  The following are areas addressed in personal coaching:

  • Work/Career decisions
  • Discussing Physical/Emotional/Relationship health
  • Social evolvement
  • Spirituality
  • Learning to encourage one’s self  
  • Identifying safe life supports
  • Opening to Spiritual wellbeing
  • Learning to accept affirmations

Individual coaching is a short term process pursuing the individual’s personal goals.  It is often carried out through scheduled phone contacts.  Once a goal is reached the person may discontinue until future goals arise.  To schedule a coaching appointment contact us either through our website or by calling 317-272-8138.